Sam Johnson Assumes Role of Managing Director, Ryan Poole Appointed Chief Investment Officer (CIO)

In a strategic move to align leadership roles with the company's vision for sustained growth and innovation, iSAM Securities is delighted to announce the title changes of Sam Johnson to the position of Managing Director and the appointment of Ryan Poole as Chief Investment Officer (CIO).

This development was made to better represent the close alignment of iSAM Securities with the wider iSAM group; a business which serves the needs of sophisticated financial institutions through quantitative, systematic solutions and applied scientific rigour.

Speaking on the change, Sam Johnson said “This title change not only represents a personal milestone but underscores the collective dedication of our team to drive innovation and excellence in the financial industry. Both new titles help to better acknowledge the importance of the individual and collective strengths of each of the firm’s people, from technologist to salesperson – all of which are essential to the continued development of iSAM Securities.”

Ryan Poole, Chief Investment Officer (CIO) stated: “The business I started in over 5 years ago has evolved significantly. This change reflects a willingness to adapt as the markets in which we operate become more competitive and clients become more sophisticated. Our new titles are emblematic of how we embrace change and are always seeking to improve the way we do business, as we make new strategic partnerships and continue to service existing clients with best-in-class liquidity and technology solutions.”

2024 is set to be a progressive year for iSAM Securities, with both Sam and Ryan expressing excitement for the strategic developments in the coming months. In altering the internal structure, the firm is better able to both provide access to clients they have yet to reach, as well as dramatically improving the existing client experience through a deep understanding of how they operate.