iSAM Securities APEX: Revolutionizing Risk Management and Liquidity Connectivity

With the recent release of its risk analytics dashboard, iSAM Securities RADAR, 2024 brings renewed focus towards iSAM Securities’ technological offering, strongly bolstered by the iSAM Securities’ APEX Bridge. 

iSAM Securities’ APEX combines a risk engine and liquidity bridge into a single, streamlined software solution. Connecting clients to an extensive network of liquidity providers, APEX allows users to seamlessly manage risk and connect to liquidity. Designed by an experienced team of risk managers and traders, iSAM Securities APEX is built with a clear focus on two primary goals: speed and stability. 

In order to maintain a competitive edge, meticulous risk management and high-speed execution are essential for clients to succeed in this competitive market. With the needs of customers engrained into iSAM Securities’ DNA, iSAM Securities’ APEX strives to be the fastest and most stable liquidity bridge on the market. 

Providing brokers with customizable liquidity across inputs including spreads, skew, and time-based markups, and accepting orders from various sources, including MT4, MT5, and FIX gateways, the platform gives users the unparalleled ability to manage any flow type. 

iSAM Securities’, Head of Technology Business Development, Dennis Weissert shared his enthusiasm for the group’s technological offering, 

“We believe the iSAM Securities’ APEX bridge is the fastest and most stable liquidity bridge on the market, and that is exactly the kind of standard we intend to continue to deliver. Everything we do is with a clear focus on the needs of our clients, and our technological offering is no exception.” 

“iSAM Securities’ APEX is a bespoke software solution that provides brokers with all the tools they require to maintain a competitive advantage. The importance of speed and stability in a brokers’ technology stack is only increasing and, as the market evolves, so do we, to ensure we cater to these needs.” 

Sam Johnson, Managing Director at iSAM Securities added, “iSAM Securities APEX has existed in our offering for a number of years now without the attention that, we believe, it deserves. Our team of experienced developers have continued to work on the platform over time to bring it to a place where it presents a truly competitive offering against other big names in the field.” 

“We promised 2024 to a be a year of significant change within iSAM Securities, and this includes enhancing our existing offering as well as new additions to our product suite. iSAM Securities’ APEX as it stands is the product of years of research and development to ensure we tick every box for our clients.” 

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